Graphic Design

Coffee Bean Direct Rebranding

Website, packaging, and marketing redesign
Bringing Coffee Bean Direct up-to-date with design. Designing new packaging and also a brand new responsive website. This will bring in the convenience of mobile shopping and also a stronger stance in the coffee world.
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Working Collaboratively


This project included an in-house team of developers, copywriter, and photographer.


Artisan of Pixels

Form follows function
My career in design came from an evolution of art styles. Drawing, painting, photography, and finally design. I use my skills to not only express myself, but to also project experiences, emotions, and motives. Design is a selfless craft. I aim to engage the viewers with designs that are enjoyable and memorable.

A sketchbook is handy with me at all times and is the quintessential beginning of every design.

Graphic Design Gallery

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Coffee Bean Direct Logo
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Coffee Bean Direct Website Redesign
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